The role of the CDM Co-ordinator

The Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM) 2007 places a duty on Clients to appoint an competent and adequately resourced CDM Co-ordinator as soon as practicable after the initial design work or other preparation for construction work has begun. On certain projects Torch Safety Services will undertake this role to assist in the co-operation of co-ordination of all parties involved in your construction project.


Early appointment is crucial for the effective planning of all projects and for notifiable projects (over 30 days or 500 person days) the failure to make the appointments required by the CDM Regulations leaves the Client liable for the work they do as well as for not making the appointments from the outset.


We can take the strain on your behalf so let Torch Safety Services light the way and give you the required level of support.


Here a just a few of the key elements of this role:

  • Providing advice and support to Clients to help them comply with their duties
  • Ensure the notification of project is submitted to the HSE
  • Prepare the pre-construction informatio
  • Ensure the information is in received by everybody who requires it
  • Manage the flow of information between Clients, Desingers and Contractors
  • Produce the Health and Safety File on completion of the project
  • Checks upon the adequacy of the Construction Phase Plan


The appointment of the CDM Co-ordinator will ensure that Clients are fulfilling their legal duties and avoiding infringements of health and safety law. More importantly ensuring co-operation between all those involved in your project are committed to providing a safe working environment.


Below is some more detailed information on the role of the CDM Co-ordinator and what yo should expect of the role and the service provided.

Getting the best out of your CDMC.pdf
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Link to the HSE CDM Microsite