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E-Learning "the on-line solution"


One of the many popular questions around the health and safety circuit at the moment is the positives and negatives of on-line training. The "Major Contractors" continue to add their own share of confusion by a inconsistent approach to the acceptance of on-line certification. For some time now I have considered the introduction of on-line or "E-Learning Solutions" to the Torch Safety Services portfolio and following meetings with numerous training partners I have finally took the plunge and opened the on-line suite.


The greatest benfit of on-line training is without doubt both convenience and flexibility. I am convinced that the opportunity to undertake short courses such as Manual Handling, COSHH, Asbestos Awareness and Fire without leaving the office (or from the home)is cost effective for smaller business and with carefully controlled content and delivery this media will impart the required health and safety knowledge to add value to smaller business. 


With decreasing margins and also increased emphasis on competence requirements the E-Learning Solution will inevitably become a more utilised resource for keeping employee skills up to date with regulatory change. A key element also this will also allow people seeking employment opportunites to pass the required courses that will enhance their individual CV at a realistic cost.


The negatives of course are obvious with the potential for individuals to pass the required courses for others and this was my biggest concern before taking the step forward. I also admit to this still being a slight worry however with effective monitoring on site and in the workplace I am convinced that those without the knowledge they claim they have will soon be undone by their actions.



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