TORCH SAFETY SERVICES: "were in it together"

Our Safety Advisory Service is structured to help small to medium sized companies fulfil their legal obligations, at the same time we aim to play a supporting role to your business that increases efficiency alongside safety. A small annual subscription starts at less than £1 per day and gives you the following benefits:


  • Access to all year round unlimited health and safety advice
  • Production of a bespoke safety management system or a full review of your current documentation
  • Full training needs analysis
  • Compliance with current health and safety legislation where "organisations should have access to competent health and safety advice"
  • Quarterly newsletter keeping you updated with industry best practice and changes in legislation
  • Promotion of Torch Safety Services in all your tender and qualification documents 

All new customers can also take advantage of a free half-day training session for all employees either connected to your key work activities or a behavioural based safety course devised by ourselves simply entitled "who makes you safe?".

Developing your teams:

Take a look at our Training and Communication options.

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